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Introducing a new faith based magazine for women – Inspire

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Introducing a new faith based magazine for women – Inspire

Working with Presbyterian Women, I had the honour of working with a small team creating their new magazine title Inspire. Whilst a new magazine, it follows on a legacy for PW who have created a magazine for their members since 1866! Here is what I wrote as an editorial, please do check out the magazine, links below:

Welcome to the first ever edition of Inspire Women: the newly transformed magazine of Presbyterian Women. It is an honour and a privilege for me to write this introduction and to share the results of what so many people have been working on quietly over these past few months.

We owe Dave Galbraith from Made by Break a depth of gratitude for all his hard work and design flair for creating such a gorgeous magazine. He has faithfully designed magazines for Presbyterian Women since 2012 and we truly appreciate all he has done in styling the content we bring you in such an attractive and appealing manner.

From honest reports of pregnancy issues and the changes a woman’s body makes in a lifetime, to how to support friends who are struggling, there is something for everyone in this first edition of Inspire. Thank you to all our contributors for sharing their experiences so openly. We believe in the power of story and we also believe in the best story of all, that God invites us to be part of, his story of love and redemption of his people.

You will recognize some familiar features but we also bring you some new ones all which showcase female followers of Jesus past and present. Our reflection poem is written by a member of Hill Street Presbyterian Church in Lurgan and we bring you the story of a courageous woman who lived as a slave in America in our new She Inspires section. We also find out about a revived Presbyterian witness in West Belfast.

We introduce you to the speaker for the Annual Conference in May, Amy Orr-Ewing, our cover star, and hope you can join us in May to worship God and learn together as the new theme is launched.

This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Presbyterian Women and so we want to share it with as many women to inspire them to keep going in the hard days, to rejoice in the good days and to seek God at all times. Just like we are to do with our faith in Jesus, I would like you to ‘pass it on’ and encourage other women by sharing your copy and the stories within.

And, finally, we humbly ask for your prayers – for the Holy Spirit to be at work in the pages of the magazine as they are read and shared as we build each other up as the Presbyterian Women motto states – to live for Jesus.

You can download a copy here


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