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Purple Rain is 4 today!

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Purple Rain is 4 today!

PR consultancy in Northern Ireland celebrates fourth birthday

Today marks the anniversary of the establishment of Purple Rain as a PR consultancy in 2011. To celebrate all that Purple Rain has achieved and been involved with over the past four years, I have put together a quick iMovie showing some of the highlights to date.

From climbing up Cavehill and standing in a field full of cows all with the aim of getting the perfect photograph, to the warm studios of BBC Broadcasting House and the welcoming hub of the International Meeting Point run by the Presbyterian Church, my work has me travelling the length and breadth of Northern Ireland meeting people passionate about their businesses and organisations seeking to make a real difference to the community they are placed in.

When I was putting together the iMovie and picking out pictures and press cuttings, I was conscious of all that has happened in my life since Purple Rain began trading and in particular losing my dad in 2013. As with all life journeys, there are some days that tell a sadder tale and to which no photographs nor headlines can be published, except in the heart. It is the mixture of good days and bad which help us learn and grow and so, going into my fifth year in business, I hope to build on what I have learnt so far and not be afraid of whatever challenges and opportunities come along.

I wish to pay tribute to all of my clients for their faithfulness and encouragement, to the media professionals for their interest in the stories of my clients, and to all of the designers, printers and photographers who I have worked with on a range of different publications and ‘jobs’.

I am also grateful for the background support of my family and friends – some of whom still wonder at what the world of PR is all about! Hopefully this video will help shed some light…



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