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Are Collies the ‘Best in Show’?

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Are Collies the ‘Best in Show’?

A recent exercise carried out by journalist David McCandless to find the best breed of dog concluded that the Border Collie is the top canine animal. Purple Rain owner Rebecca McConnell wrote an opinion piece in relation to the study that was published in today’s Belfast Telegraph:

I would whole heartily agree with David’s study. We got our first collie, Thomas, when I was 7. He was a great help on the farm with the sheep, pigs and cattle and we all formed a close bond with him. Over the years, we have had several collies, and Poppy, now 12, is our current four legged friend.
Collies are very loving dogs and generally well behaved, although Poppy has growled at me like a disgruntled teenager on a few occasions. They have gentle dispositions and are good with children, although like any dog, they need to be supervised. I suppose in a way I have nothing to compare them to since we have always had collie or collie mix dogs at home. I know smaller dogs are a lot more popular today but I can’t see myself with one.
They are very sensitive animals and they have a knack of knowing when something is wrong. That shows their high level of intelligence and explains why they make great working dogs on the farm.
Each of our dogs, whilst collies, had their own individual personalities. When a pup, Dougal, who modelled beautiful lion king style hair beneath his collar, used to crawl out of his pen and sit on top of the meal bags when I went to feed the calves, he would do anything for a pat on the head and a bit of attention! He always lifted my spirits with his zest for life and happy-go-lucky personality.
Being a bigger dog, they require a lot of exercise. They are good companions for country walks and our lot always enjoyed going after a football or tennis ball around the yard so I suppose in a sense they are great for keeping their owners fit too!
I was recently told a story about a collie my grandfather owned. The dog accidentally ate some rat poison set on the farm to catch vermin. His death left a soreness in the household and no one talked for days. It is that unusual power of bringing grown men to tears that demonstrates the fondness and esteem dogs generate. No matter how bad your day, they want fed and petted just the same and they give you so much affection in return.

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